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Protocol Labacus® 2.1

• Completeness     • Accuracy     • Mobility    • Efficiency


  • Scan barcodes
  • Take pictures
  • Multiple samples
  • Custom reporting

Protocol Labacus® improves completeness, accuracy and efficiency for managers and workers anywhere stepwise processes and SOPs are used. It works on tablets and laptops to provide people with a mobile/portable interactive protocol, including instructions and checklist:

  • Completeness: Confirms required steps
  • Accuracy: Photos, barcodes, time/date stamps and on-the-spot recording of measurements and observations
  • Efficiency: Electronic data transfer and automatic reporting

Protocol Labacus® has applications in many industries. Its mobility benefits outdoor workers (agriculture, environment, forestry, etc.) as well those whose work procedures span multiple or extensive locations (healthcare, manufacturing, etc.). It simplifies accurate and detailed recordkeeping, which is critical for quality assurance and reporting, especially in highly regulated industries (food safety, pharmaceuticals, etc.).

Protocol Labacus® is provided as a fully-packaged web app compatible with all major computing platforms, modern tablets and web browsers. Abacalab offers a free webinar that includes a process assessment to evaluate the benefits of Protocol Labacus® for companies interested in adopting it. Technical support for installation and training is also provided free of charge.

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