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How Protocol Labacus Helps

Protocol Labacus delivers step-by-step procedure instructions wherever you work.

  • Coaching and confirmation of key steps reinforce good work practices
  • On-the-spot data recording and storage ensure that nothing gets lost or mis-transcribed
  • Summary view of an entire procedure and navigation between procedures make multi-tasking simple and effective
  • Automatic report generation saves time and effort

How Protocol Labacus Works

PL Mobile provides an overview of the steps in a procedure and detailed instructions for each step. It prompts you for any information that must be recorded as you work (amounts, label information, etc.) and also records the completion of each step. You can set alarms to alert you when a procedure needs your attention. PL Mobile also enables you to add freehand notes to the record at any point, to keep track of unexpected results which could be valuable.

PL Mobile gives you access to a library of procedure templates and manages all of your in-progress procedures. Each time you start a procedure, a new record is created from the template you select, so you can simultaneously work on separate batches, samples or procedures and easily keep everything organized.

PL Mobile's interface is designed for mobility and optimized for modern tablet computers. However, PL Mobile is platform independent and can also be run on laptop or desktop computers in your workplace, or even a smart phone (though we don’t recommend the latter).

PL Designer helps you or your colleagues specify the details of procedures as templates readable by PL Mobile. This can be a new version of a procedure already in the PL system, an existing SOP not yet entered, or even something entirely new.

PL Server provides the database that stores all of your procedures. It also distributes PL Mobile and PL Designer to the tablets and computers on your network.

Getting Started


All you really need to start managing your procedure work with Protocol Labacus is a computer to run PL Server and a tablet or computer (preferably more or less mobile) in your work area to run PL Mobile, with a network connecting them. For more detailed system requirements please see our data sheet.


Protocol Labacus modules are licensed individually, but can also be purchased as a bundle. PL Server is licensed per server machine, while PL Designer and PL Mobile are licensed per user. Licenses are permanent and do not require maintenance fees.


Protocol Labacus module licenses include free upgrades to all releases of the comparable PL module bearing the same major version number (e.g. 2.0, 2.1 2.5). License upgrades to later major versions may be purchased at a discounted upgrade price.


Each Protocol Labacus license includes free technical support service to help you get set up, learn to use the software and work through any difficulties. Several options are available for purchasing additional support.